Finding electrical humming can take a lot of work. Whether you’ve used mechanical or digital means, it will have taken awhile to determine whether the sound was innocent or indicative of a problem.

Once you get to this point however, you need to determine if you call an electrician or take care of the issue yourself.

Here are some of the ways to deal with that humming.

  1. Do nothing – Some of those sounds are nothing. You may just need to turn up the music a little louder so you don’t hear the offensive sound.
  2. Monitor – If it’s only a slight irritant and not something that will cause longterm damage or risk, then leaving it to monitor is an option. You just have to set up a schedule or system to keep an eye on things. If it’s to keep an ear out for the sound you can just add a reminder to your phone. If you need to watch your hydro bill then you’ll have to isolate the offending fixture for longer to determine the effect of shutting it off.
  3. Replace – Appliance, lights, fixtures, and baseboard heaters can be replaced, though some you can do and others you will need an electrician.

Once you have decided and a created plan then you can chart your way to dealing with those sounds. Just remember that for major electrical issues, an electrician is always best. They have other tools you won’t have access to.