Installing an audio system in your home can be a large task. Once you’ve chosen the wiring, you need to determine if you’re going to hook it directly to the receiver or use plugs. You want to do your homework before jumping into the conversation.

Some of the elements you want to think about are:

  1. Wire gauge – the thicker the wire, the better quality the sound.


  1. Speaker placement – The acoustics of your room will affect the quality of sound. In fact, sometimes the sound from one room will interfere with another room.


  1. Wire placement – There are different ways to place your wiring. Make sure you take the time to think about this so you don’t have an ugly mess to hide later.


  1. Environment  – Do you want speakers outside? Make sure you get speakers and wiring that can handle the elements.


  1. Speaker choice – Take your time. There is a lot that goes into your choice of speakers. Just remember to have a matched impedance with your receiver so you don’t blow the speakers the first time you turn them on.


Don’t just take the first option when it comes to putting audio throughout your home. Investigate every aspect so you get the sound you want at the price you can handle.