In a world of raising electrical costs everyone is in a constant battle to keep their hard earned money in their bank accounts. We’ve spoken about your lights before, but what else could be sapping your slush fund?

  1. Hot water tank
  2. Air Conditioner
  3. Hair Dryer
  4. Fridges and Freezers
  5. Electronics on Standby

Being mindful about your home’s electrical use is important. You want to do a periodic review to make sure the electrical meter isn’t spinning because of something you aren’t even aware of. Unfortunately, things like your sump pumps are not items that can be ignored. Make sure the things you turn off aren’t necessary.

When reviewing your electrical, make a list of the following:

  1. Equipment and electronics that can be shut off
  2. Equipment and electronics that you can put on a timer.
  3. Equipment and electronics that must stay on standby.

Once you have an understanding of the items that you can’t live without then you can determine whether you should, adjust the usage such as the temperature on the hot water tanks, shut them off, replace, or put them on a timer.