We’ve spoken before about how the refrigerator and freezer are one of the biggest power hogs in your home.  The average freezer will use around 200 watts per day which equates to around 175 dollars per year. That can add up if you have a few freezers.

So how can you keep that cost down? A lot of it is behaviour.

  1. Keep it tidy – Knowing where your veggies are from your meat will help when you open the door and let all the cold seep out.
  2. Keep it clean – Over time your freezer will build up with frost. As more frost adds on, the efficiency decreases.
  3. Give it room – The freezer will need room to breathe. Don’t let it get to close to the walls or other appliances, especially ones that discharge a lot of heat like a stove.
  4. Keep it comfortable – The optimum room temperature for a fridge is around 20 degrees. It will work harder if you have the temperature in the kitchen higher than this.
  5. Set the proper temperature – When you set the internal temperature too low you will be wasting more power.

There are many things you can do to reduce the power that your fridge or freezer are using.